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In the heart of the history of Paris

The Hotel Le Compostelle presents to you the Marais district in Paris. Inscribed in the triangle formed by the Hotel de Ville,
Place of Bastille and Place of the Republic.

Le Marais

It must be lost in the narrow streets lined with old mansions to make the best of this historic area.

The Marais has always been and remains a place of entertainment and special walks: shops are also open on Sundays.

To see the old facades and courtyards of the many historic hotels. A visit to one of the many museums strolling through the ancient streets.

La Place des Vosges

Especially the construction of the Royale’s Place (now Place des Vosges) in the early 17th century gave rise to this neighborhood.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the most beautiful hotels were built: the Hotel of Sully, the Hotel Carnavalet, the Hotel of Soubise, Hotel of Rohan, just to name the most outstanding. In the early 20th century, the Jewish quarter located around the “rue des Rosiers” began home for many immigrants from Central Europe to complement the fabric of the garment craftsmen.

Today, the gay community has settled in the Marais.

Inscribed in the triangle formed by the Hotel de Ville, Place of Bastille and Place of the Republic, the Marais’s district is the heart of the history of Paris.

It is from the XIIIth century, the monks began to cultivate the swamps inside. In the XVth century, the king installed a residence, the Saint-Paul’s hotel.

Access & Transports

Hotel Le Compostelle - situation

Gare du Nord (Eurostar & Thalys)

Gare de Lyon

Gare Montparnasse


Hotel Le Compostelle - situation

Line 1: Saint Paul / station Hôtel de Ville station / Line 7: stop Pont Marie

RER B: Gare Saint Michel or the station Châtelet les Halles

Lines : 29/67/69/76/96

Hotel Le Compostelle - situation

Airport Charle de Gaulle
1h10 min by transport

RER B: Gare Saint Michel or station Châtelet les Halles

ORLY Airport
1h min by transport 

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